In OUR ANCESTORS COULD DANCE: A Practical Manual for Healing White Culture from Everyday Choices to Life Rituals, veteran anti-racist organizer and Healing White People founder Emily Reilly pens a powerful call-to-action & how-to guide.

Accessible, deep, and actionable, this vital activist handbook argues that white people are broken from racism and that healing white culture is necessary for the health and happiness of all white people and  BIPOC communities.

Further, Reilly convinces her readers that anti-racist social justice is essential for white healing. This manual offers nuts and bolts on daily behaviors, including concrete strategies for creating new norms and rituals in all life stages. ANCESTORS explains that we need seismic cultural shifts to heal centuries of white pain and dysfunction. It also shows how healing white culture will unleash unprecedented social, economic, political and spiritual transformation and provides a path to achieve it.


Ancestors1 pdf