DIY Organizing Kit & Accountability Plan

DIY tools to help make your antiracism effective, accountable, and imporve over time.


Organizing a group is one of the best and most effective things we can do as anti-racist white folks. Everyone is encouraged to start or join one as we are able. Anti-racist affinity groups provide numerous benefits by exponentially increasing our effectiveness and impact; we all tend to follow through more when we have others that we are accountable to- more hands make lighter work.  And social justice work is by definition collective work. With a group you will have a community of people that can support each other in continual anti-racist learning. It will have the capacity to do far more, as well as bring more folks into anti-racism as you go. Organizing ourselves in this way is also how we can be most helpful as allies to BIPOC social justice leaders: 10 groups of 10 that are already organized are far more effective than 500 individuals.

Let’s Go Get Our White People, and Get Organized!



Anti-racism is complex and understanding how best to use our time and resources to support anti-racist social change is not easy. Use this tool to quantify the impacts of various actions and understand how they fit into larger social change strategies. For best results, evaluate your current actions, then set your own goals and timetable for improvement, then check in with yourself to measure your progress and adjust your plan as needed.


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