Anti-Racist Organizational Change

Organizational change is a long-term, multi-year process involving a variety of stages and all stakeholders. We provide comprehensive strategic planning and customized services and support within the specific stages of this process. Ideal for organizations interested in addressing the root causes of diversity recruitment and retention challenges and engagement with diverse communities.

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What is Anti-Racist Organizational Change?

Anti-racist organizational change is the process of removing and repairing the harm of systemic racism within our organizations. Because racism is systemically embedded throughout our society, all white-led organizations perpetuate racism by default, no matter the intentions or altruistic actions of the organization. Therefore all white-led groups need and will experience many benefits from anti-racist organizational change.

Most white folks and white-led organizations have no intention or awareness of the racial harm within their organizations and how challenging or hostile our environments are to people of color. Additionally, when issues of racism surface, our first instinct as white folks is typically to ask people of color in our groups for solutions. While this is well-intended, this behavior puts a compounded burden upon people of color. Healing White People specializes in anti-racist organizational change for white-led organizations to minimize the burden and harm to colleagues of color. We offer custom solutions for organizations: non-profits, governments, and businesses, as well as various tools for groups and individuals within organizations.  

See the Introduction to Anti-Racist Organizational change webinars, or consider joining an Organizational Change Coaching cohort for ongoing support.  Frequently Asked Questions

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Quiz: Are We Ready?

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