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Community Coaching

Join the Healing White People learning community to increase your learning and impact. With the support of experienced coaches and with learners of all levels, enjoy monthly workshops, open Q & A office hours, discussion forums, European Ancestral Healing channels, a resource library and more for a $35 monthly membership fee. Appropriate for all levels of anti-racist learners. Coming soon!


Book private speaking engagements tailored to your organization’s needs.


Team Coaching

Group coaching on comprehensive or targeted aspects of anti-racism. Appropriate for teams, departments, boards, groups and families; available for groups between 5-12 participants. We provide an assessment, coaching plan, specific tools and resources to support your group’s coaching plan, and bi-weekly or monthly sessions. Requires a minimum commitment of three months, or 6 coaching sessions. To request a consultation, please fill out the form to help us best understand your needs and how we can help. 

Individual Coaching

Coaching on comprehensive or targeted aspects of anti-racism for individuals. Appropriate for anyone interested in advancing their understanding of, and engagement in anti-racism with personalized support. Individual coaching offerings range from a minimum of 3 sessions to an intensive 6 month program. For more information or to sign up, please fill out the form to help us best understand your needs and how we can help.


“Since the moment she set foot at orientation, Emily was relentless in demanding 'Where are the people of color in this institution and where is the social justice integration?' She helped direct us, held us accountable, and left our school a better institution as a result of her advocacy. We are extremely grateful for her work.”

— Jill Bamburg, Former Dean, Pinchot University

“Emily came on as a consultant to a community organizing site where I’d been working for several years. Her role was to support facilitation in a complex change process within a tight-knit marginalized community, including restorative conversations between community leaders and law enforcement to respond to substance-abuse related crime. As a white organizer myself who had invested significant time building trust in that community, I was impressed Emily instantly picked up on so many of the dynamics it took me years to learn and her perspective not only supported growth in our project but also in me.”

Evan Welkin, Network Organizer, Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist

“Emily has been helping me understand and work with racism for the better part of two decades. Since working with her as a coach, I have and continue to take my learning to even deeper levels. I would not be the same person, nor would I have been able to bring anti-racism to my own work and community without her invaluable guidance.”

–Elizabeth S., Client, Port Townsend, WA

"I have known Emily Reilly as a thoughtful, consistent racial justice organizer for more than 20 years. In individual conversations and on the board of two nonprofit organizations, I have witnessed Emily bring up important, tough questions, leading me and others to a greater understanding of racism and what each of us - especially white people - can do to stop it. When I want to get an expert opinion on how to create racial justice from someone who always centers the experiences of people of color and the responsibility of white people to show up and do the work, I call Emily."

-Jeremy Simer, SEIU Local 49*

*for ID purposes only

"I have been conflicted on a personal level about antiracism because at times it felt over the top, as opposed to just being “accepting of everyone”. But Healing White People helped me understand “being for everyone” is not enough, clear targets need to be worked toward. I have been impressed by their offering, and have found their approach considerate, thoughtful and actionable."

– Z.W. 36, Seattle, WA

"Throughout her tenure as a graduate student and teaching assistant, Emily worked tirelessly as a passionate advocate of diversity and social justice. She created a visionary organizational change plan for our university, which we gratefully welcomed and worked toward adopting."

Libba Pinchot, Co-Founder, Pinchot University